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This might be more evidence that Microsoft is moving to just Windows

Yesterday my #Lumia 1020 decided it no longer wanted to work and refused to boot up. For some reason Outlook wasn’t doing anything on the phone so I did a restart, upon restarting the phone reported an error and said that no bootable option could not be found. Anyway, a trip to Vodafone and a brick from the 90s later I thought I would share the above image of what I spotted in the Vodafone shop.

I don’t want to read too much into the fact that it lists #Windows OS with a #Microsoft logo as phones companies in the UK (although I imagine elsewhere too) are pretty rubbish at putting the right specs with products. However, I did think it interesting none the less following the Pip I wrote on Saturday ( This might be nothing, just someone not calling the product by the name, or it could be part of a wider rebrand of the Windows family that matches up with the TV advert I watched.

What do you think about my theory that #WindowsPhone as a brand is going? Do you think it would be better to just have Windows?

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