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Xbox Music appears to already support OneDrive locker service

After reading that the long rumoured and much hoped for #OneDrive powered locker service for #XboxMusic is getting closer ( I decided to investigate its existence myself.

When viewing the songs in your collection you'll notice an empty space on the right hand side of the list; in Windows Central's article this is where the OneDrive icon is meant to appear if a song is in the locker service and is indeed the case. The code in the image above is for that space on the right hand side, notice the various references to OneDrive, "Od" (short for OneDrive) and "isLocker". By toggling the "display: none" value I can even make the OneDrive icon appear.

'Upload the music you already own to OneDrive and we'll add it to your Xbox Music collection

There are even several references to the OneDrive Locker service in unused text, such as:

'Anyone with a Microsoft account in select regions* can add music to OneDrive and play it on Xbox Music.'

'Connect OneDrive with Xbox Music and play your personal music files on all your devices.'

'Music you upload to OneDrive can be streamed from your collection on all your Xbox Music devices.'

'Upload the music you already own to OneDrive and we'll add it to your Xbox Music collection'

'All the songs in your OneDrive Music folder are automatically added to your Xbox Music Library. You can play them from your Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 PC or tablet, Xbox, or on the web.'

After further investigation I even found a reference to that looks to be the mechanism that binds a user's OneDrive Music folder to the Xbox Music locker service.

It appears that this locker service will wont just be for Xbox Music Pass subscribers as anyone can upload music to their Music folder in OneDrive.

It looks to me like everything is there for the OneDrive Locker service to be rolled out at any time and I hope to see an announcement from Microsoft soon.

Have you spotted anything else on the Xbox Music website about the locker service?

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