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Concept images for a new Xbox app appear

When browsing today I stumbled across a pair of images apparently of a new #Xbox app. What I can’t tell is whether these images are concepts or actual shots of a finished app but the posters imply that their involvement is now over.

This is the homescreen of a exciting app we've been working on for XBOX. It was really great working with the team at XBOX and we are really happy with the way the designs turned out.

From these images it looks to be a new video/film app, maybe a new #XboxVideo app or a new media player for #Windows10? In one image TV shows are shown in a Netflix-like layout with icons at the top. The icons on the right suggest a connection to an Xbox One, notifications and settings whilst on the left there is the user’s Xbox avatar. The app in this image looks nice but doesn’t provide any real indication of innovative features other than maybe some new syncing/streaming capabilities to an Xbox.

This is a shot from an app we've been working on for XBOX. You'd be viewing this screen while watching a movie or television show, you can use it to play bonus content, view friends reactions to different parts of the show, and make comments of your own.

In the second image there are indications of new features in what looks to be a SoundCloud-like social experience but for watching media rather than listening to it. The image, alongside its description, suggests that users can share their thoughts on a show whilst watching it and have them appear in a timeline view for others to see at the correct time in the show. This seems to be an interesting feature, sometimes it could be fun to know what your friends thought as you watch a show on demand.

Both of the images have been uploaded by employees of the Salt Lake City based design company Underbelly and feature the name “Xbox Original”. If Microsoft hadn’t scrapped its own original content plans I might have thought that this would have been an app dedicated to its own shows. But that not being the case I think this is an app for playing all kinds of shows and films.

I am slightly surprised that the design of this app has been outsourced to another company, surely #Microsoft could have done this in house? I do think the images are legit, they are using the new Metro 2.0 outline styled icons which I wouldn’t expect in a fake.

What do you think to these images? What could this app be, a replacement or something new?

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