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Windows 10 screenshot shows off new WiFi UX

I have previously mentioned ( that I think #Windows10 needs a better WiFi UX/UI than the one currently available in the Technical Preview. When a user clicks the WiFi icon in the Taskbar the Settings app is opened and a list of networks show, this experience is jarring and not quick, this looks set to change if a new image is to be believed.

In an apparently leaked screenshot a new WiFi UI is shown that I expect appears when the WiFi icon is pressed. This will keep all the WiFi information and functionality close to the icon rather than opening Settings; this makes much more sense to me.

Of course, this image might be fake but I like to live in hope. There have been a number of other images showing off small tweaks to the Windows 10 UI over the past few weeks. Hopefully all these changes will arrive in the next build of the OS, but who knows when #Microsoft will release that!


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