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Microsoft Appstore for Android Concept

Quite often I will browse the likes of Behance and Dribbble to check out the latest design trends and usually in doing so I will check out if there are any new projects related to #Microsoft. It's how I stumbled across this apparent new #Xbox app that we might see later this year -

I found myself doing this routine when I stumbled across another Microsoft app concept. This is a concept for an #Android Microsoft Appstore that looks to showcase Microsoft's apps on Google's platform -

Concept for a Microsoft store on the android platform. A mix of Metro and Material design.

The designs of this concept look great and seem to do a good job of highlight's Microsoft's apps and Metro UI within Android's Material UI.

What I can't tell with this app is whether this is purely a fan project to see what something like this would like or if it is actually the concept of a real app Microsoft is working on. If this is just for fun then the designer, David Orridge, knows his stuff as I really can't see anything wrong with this.

Whether or not Microsoft is actually working on this app it certainly makes a lot of sense. With their ever increasing number of multiplatform apps having a single place to showcase them would be useful, the only downside is how would a user discover this app in the first place. Maybe, it could be pre-installed on OEM's Android devices, Microsoft like doing that now.

Anyway, I thought I would share this concept with you. What do you think about it?


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