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Microsoft announces Office 366 because 2016 is a leap year

#Microsoft today announced that with 2016 being a leap year there will be a new #Office subscription, Office 366. The new subscription will allow users to work all 366 days of 2016 as the current Office 365 subscription wouldn't let them work on February 29th.

We know our customers work hard every day of the year and we want our software and services to reflect that.

Microsoft is keen to stress that this new subscription will enable people to work every day of next year, especially with productivity being such a key part of the company's vision. #Office366 will only be valid once every 4 years with subscribers being rolled back to Office 365 at the start of 2017.

Office 366 will be made available in the coming weeks and will cost slightly more than the #Office365 subscription, 0.27% more (the cost of the extra day).

I am sure big businesses will welcome this new offer but I think there will be some users who were looking forward to having last day of February off.

What do you think to this news? It makes a lot of sense to me.


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