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HoloLens is "a 5 year journey", first version out within the next year

Since first showing off and surprising the world with #HoloLens in January one of the most commonly asked questions about the device is when will it be out. Up until today the phrase given in answer by #Microsoft has always been "within the Windows 10 timeframe", a vague answer considering #Windows10 is the last version of the OS.

Another most asked question has been about the device's field of view which many are concerned is too small and limiting. Recently, Microsoft has started to indicate that the HoloLens will first be aimed more at business users rather than gaming, this might make the small field of view a lesser issue.

In an interview with BBC Click Satya Nadella has shed more light on the company's plans for HoloLens. He states that Microsoft will have "developer versions of [HoloLens] first and then more commercial use cases". This could indicate that Microsoft is aware of the field of view limitations and won't be marketing this as a consumer/gaming device just yet.

He goes on to say that HoloLens will evolve and that it is "a 5 year journey", I assume that means from its first unveiling in January as it had already been worked on for 7 years prior to then. I wonder what Microsoft has planned for the development of the device over the next 4.5 years.

Within the next year

Most interestingly though, Nadella went on to say, "we are looking forward to getting a V1 out which is more around developers and enterprises. It's in the Windows 10 timeframe which means that it is within the next year."

With the next Build developer conference less than a year away I could well imagine that Microsoft will use that event to showcase fully the first version of HoloLens and allow developers to start creating tailoring their UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps to the device.

Microsoft certainly has a busy 12 months ahead, I can't wait!

BBC Click Interview:

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