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Shared Folder Sync now available on OneDrive

Yesterday #Microsoft announced that #OneDrive has a new feature, Shared Folder Sync. This new feature allows users to add other users' folders to their own OneDrive and use them as if they were their own folders. This has long been requested for the cloud storage service.

The implementation is very simple, if you are viewing another user's OneDrive folders then you can click "Add to my OneDrive". Doing this will make the other user's folder appear within your OneDrive just like any of your own folders.

This means that when using the OneDrive Sync apps on Windows 7 and Windows 10 users can now download shared folders and access them when offline, a very useful addition to OneDrive.

It is worth noting that when you add another user's Folder into your OneDrive the files stored within it don't count towards your OneDrive storage capacity, instead they count towards the owner's storage. Additionally, this doesn't replace any of the existing sharing functionality on the service, so it's still possible to access other folders without adding them to your own OneDrive.

I hope we will soon hear about Microsoft's plans to consolidate OneDrive and OneDrive for Business and the new sync client. What do you think about this latest feature?


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