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A more beautiful BSoD - The Beautiful Screen of Death

It dawned on me the other day that one of the most recognisable aspects of #Windows is it's Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). It is often be the butt of many jokes and Apple have even used it before as the PC icon on OS X. The problem is #Microsoft really doesn't need the infamous BSoD to be so recognisable, after all, it's an error screen.

There are two reasons why it is so recognisable, the first is because errors used to happens lots, thankfully in more recent versions of the OS (aside from the #Windows10 Insider Previews!) the chances of seeing this screen have massively reduced. The second, is its simple design, a blue screen with white text and this basic style hasn't changed in years, it's what gives it the name.

However, BSoDs do still appear and often on public facing screens used by companies for advertising and information who are often slow to rectify the issue. Pictures of these very public BSoDs can easily be shared to a massive audience via social media.

Whilst Microsoft has worked to reduce the number of times people will see it when they do see a BSoD it is unmistakable that a version of Windows has run into a problem. Not great when it happens on public PCs.

But, what if Microsoft also addressed the look of the BSoD and made it something more interesting to look at? This might lessen the negative impact seeing a public BSoDs would have. I'm calling the idea a Beautiful Screen of Death (BSoD, get it?). Taking a note of how websites handle errors some are interactive, entertaining and funny. Error pages don't just have to be informative.

I've mocked up how I think the BSoD could be improved, just by adding the #Bing image of the day to the background. I think it makes for a much nicer error screen. One concept keeps everything how it is currently positioned with the second concept moving the text to the bottom, out of the way of the picture.

The only thing is I'm not sure what is available to the system to show on the screen. If there has been such a big error to trigger the BSoD then it might not be easy for the system to show an image. But, aside from that, what do you think to this concept? Maybe we should give feedback to Microsoft to do this?

You can view more concept images on my OneDrive:

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