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Introducing Kickerbacker

Kickerbacker rewards you for sharing the content you love

You might have seen me talk about #Kickerbacker before but I thought it time I introduced the site to you. In short, the site allows you to be rewarded for sharing the content you love on your social networks. Additionally, you can reward others for sharing the content that’s important to you.

I know I spend a lot of time talking on social media about brands, products, websites, etc. that I use and like and this is basically free advertising for them. Obviously, this has a value to the companies and individuals, thinking about that led to idea behind Kickerbacker. What if companies and individuals could actually reward people for talking about them online?

Now, you might think there are some pitfalls with the idea. For example, what’s to stop an individual coming along and sharing everything on the site and spamming their feeds just to earn a bit of money? Well, a user can only share a maximum of 5 Kickers a day making people selective about what they share. We have other ideas too to ensure people care about what they are sharing, stay tuned for those over the weeks ahead.

You can start being rewarded today, there is already a number of Kickers on the site just waiting for you to share them. It’s easy to get started on; just register and add some social networks to your account. Then view the Kickers, tap one, select the networks and share it. That’s it. It doesn’t even matter where you’re from, the prices might be in £s but PayPal does currency conversion for us.

On the flip side of the idea behind Kickerbacker is the ability for you to put content on the site and reward people for sharing that content on their social networks. How much a user is rewarded is up to you; you can choose a plan and a number of Kickers to create with a reward determined from your selections. You can offer rewards from 10p up to £5 and have a campaign with 10 Kickers all the way up to 1000.

I think it worth pointing out that Kickerbacker is not finished. We have plans to add many new features, both big and small, to the site. We’ve already spoken to a number of people about how they think Kickerbacker can be improved and I’m keen to know your thoughts on it too. If you have an idea or spot anything that doesn’t seem quite right, then please contact me via a comment below, on Twitter @MichaelGillett or email me at

So, if you want to start being rewarded or start getting your messages out there you can sign up to Kickerbacker for free today! Visit now.

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