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Microsoft Design presents a new short film, Inclusive

This evening I was invited to the first public screening of #Microsoft Design’s newest short film, Inclusive. It was a captivating exploration of designing something for an individual; finding out what really matters to them and creating something that really meets their needs in such a way the technology disappears.

I won’t spoil it for you, it really is worth a watch, but I will say that it covers a few different stories with one including Skype Translator.

After the screening of the 20-minute film there was a QnA session with a number of interesting answers including one explaining how the term “accessibility” possibility lead to constraints when designing rather than the opportunity for new experiences. There was also talk about “designing for one” where a product is designed for just one person, or a niche, that offers a superb experience for that user. Some aspects of the design could then be brought to all users, an example of this was predictive text which was originally created as an aid for people with disability.

With regards to Microsoft there was talk about how the Redmond company is emphasising a design-led appraoch to problem solving. This is a significant change and examples of this can already been seen in some of the features of #Windows10, such as Windows Hello which doesn’t require a user to physically type a password or PIN.

You can watch the film and find out more about it at Microsoft has even created an inclusivity toolkit to help others design for individuals. Thanks to Microsoft Design for inviting me along and keep up the great work!

As an aside, another thing from Microsoft Design I saw today was #HackingMars, a design competition that will see the winner pocket $25,000, a number of Microsoft products and a chance to experience #HoloLens. I am very tempted to put together a design myself! Find out more here

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