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First impressions of Windows 10 Mobile from someone who’s not seen it before

As some of my Twitter followers might know I recently passed my Lumia 640XL running #Windows10 on to my girlfriend as her Lumia 1020 decided it no longer wanted to boot. Whilst it was sad to let the device go it has given me an interesting opportunity; I can find out what someone thinks of the OS who hasn’t seen it evolve over the past several months. This Pip is just her initial reactions and I will be following this up with another soon.

For my girlfriend the most delightful experience of #Windows10 Mobile are the actionable notifications. Right now there might not be that many apps that support it, but being able to reply to a text from the notification was a very pleasant surprise for her. Another welcome addition is the option to see more settings in the Action Centre and even ability to search the settings.

But, it is perhaps with the new apps that most of the really useful new features can be found. My girlfriend likes the Outlook app far more in 10 than 8.1 (that’s not too hard though) and the inclusion of the significantly updated Office apps has been very well received. The new Maps app was very pleasing with its better design and simpler functionality.

Over the coming days and weeks, I will update you about how my girlfriend is finding Windows 10 Mobile as the OS nears its completion. She’s actually on holiday with the phone now so I hope to find out more about her thoughts this weekend, I imagine there might be some insight to the camera and photos app on the OS.

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