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Introducing Microsoft All Stars

Much has been made of Microsoft’s recent hardware event with a number of updated devices and the surprise that is the #Surface Book announcement. But, aside from the devices there was one other key take away from the event, the enthusiasm and high levels of sass from some of the presenters. With phrases such as “you can be productive like a boss” being used during the demo of Continuum on the #Lumia 950 it was hard not to enjoy their excitement. This generated a lot of love for several of the staff on Twitter and even led @MSFTY to suggest that I make Microsoft engineer trading cards.

@MSFTY: Panos Panay is so passionate, Microsoft has such an amazing team right now. @MichaelGillett pls make Microsoft engineer trading cards.

I liked this idea a lot, so much so it has evolved into more than just engineer trading cards. In fact, this is more like a Top Trumps for notable Microsoft staff, including some who no longer work there. I’m calling it Microsoft All Stars.

All characters have the same traits but a different number of squares in each depending on their own qualities and they all have a “Mobile” or “Cloud” attribute too. There are power ups that can be played to boost a character’s traits, such as Build, HoloLens or Windows 10.

A fun, 2 player card game related to, but not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft. To be enjoyed with you and your kin.

Microsoft All Stars is in no way affiliated with #Microsoft, nor is it meant to cause offense. It is just something fun to work on and I’m not actually sure how well it plays or what to do with it now. But here’s the thing, if you like this idea and want to help make it work then feel free to add, edit and tweak the cards and rules. I’ve put this on GitHub so anyone can make pull requests, it could be that you want to create an entire expansion pack of characters not included in the “Classic” game. I know I've already got more characters I want to add to the game.

I want to thank @MSFTY for the original idea and for helping with most of the Xbox related characters.

You can check out the game, including characters, power ups, templates and rules, on GitHub right here

If you just want to see all the characters they are OneDrive too

What do you think to this game? You never know, if enough people like it this could end up being a real game, maybe it could be the new Solitaire game on Windows?


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