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Windows 10 on my Lumia 1020 is hot; really, really hot

Just over a week ago I finally upgraded my #Lumia 1020 to the #Windows10 Mobile as the latest build, 10572, looked stable enough to use as a daily driver. I have already been using the OS on a Lumia but was excited to make use of the new refinements and features of the OS and apps on a daily basis and was especially looking forward to checking out my Kickerbacker app out on the device. However, that excitement was short lived.

The internet was painfully slow on the device, it got very, very hot and consumed the battery in less time than it took me to read a Sinofsky article. This delightful trio meant it was a very painful week to use the 1020 and I don’t just mean figuratively, at times it was so hot it was literally painful. I assume that the three issues were all connected with some process continually running in the background. Thankfully though, my Kickerbacker app worked just fine.

Well, I obviously couldn’t go on like this so yesterday I decided to reset my phone. Not back to Windows Phone 8.1, just resetting the Windows 10 OS. So far today the internet is speedy, the device cool and the battery consumption manageable.

This kind of experience shouldn’t be too surprising when using preview software, however I do find it concerning that Windows 10 Mobile is very close to being rolled out to devices. What if there is some problem that causes a number of users who upgrade to have to reset their devices? That’ll hardly be the seamless experience Microsoft will be hoping for.

I’m intrigued to know if this is an isolated issue to my device, if other 1020 users have had a similar experience or if other users of Windows Phone have had to reset their device after an upgrade. I have provided feedback on this issue already but thought it worth finding out if anyone else has experienced this.

The only downside to resetting my device is now that the UK weather might finally be getting colder I am now without an effective hand warmer.

If you’re interested, you can download the Kickerbacker app for PCs and mobiles here

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