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After this week what’s left for Build?

This week has proven to fairly momentous for #Microsoft after the company finally started rolling out #Windows10 Mobile, offered new Insider builds for both PC and mobiles offering #Edge Extensions and #Twitter even released their new Mobile app.

All these new updates and releases are great and are some of the most requested and asked about things for Microsoft. I don’t know when a day last went by without me seeing someone tweeting about wanting Edge Extensions. I know I am already making great use of new Twitter app and have updated to the new Insider build and looking forward to trying out the Edge Extensions.

Having said all that though I had resigned myself to thinking that Microsoft would offer all this functionality during #Build which is only 2 weeks away. Seeing as Windows 10 Mobile is finally rolling out, people can try out Edge Extensions right now and a major app has been released it leads me to think that Microsoft has even bigger things for Build, but what?

There are rumours, of course, such as a floating Cortana experience and widget support within the Action Center. Maybe Facebook will even release its private and beta apps? These will be nice additions to Windows 10 but I imagine there is a lot more planned, in fact some Microsoft Program Managers are suggesting that we will “freak out” about the new features due to be revealed at Build. I’m not sure widgets would make us “freak out”.

I wonder if we will hear more about Universal Windows Apps, maybe there will be support to make them truly universal, allowing developers to compile their UWP apps for iOS and Android. Allowing traffic to go to other way along the platform bridges.

Maybe we will get more information about when HoloLens will be released?

Maybe Snapchat for Windows 10? Ha.

What do you think could get use excited?

In any case I have high hopes for this year’s Build and if Microsoft’s last few major events have been anything to go by then we can optimistic about it. Hopefully, by releasing some of the most asked about and requested features over the past week Microsoft is paving the way for some major new features ahead.

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