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Introducing the all new Build Bingo/Drinking Game for 2016

For a few of Microsoft’s bigger events over the past year I have created Bingo/Drinking Games containing word and phrases likely, and in some cases very unlikely, to be said during the keynotes. They have been fun to create and even more fun to play, well the drinking variation anyway, and so I thought I would create another one for #Build 2016.

However, I thought I would improve what I have done before. Instead of being an image, this year I have created an actual game that you can play. A random selection of 16 words and phrases will be shown and as they appear during the keynote you can tick them off. You get scored according to the multiplier attached to each word and can even earn bonus multipliers. Once the keynote is over you can share your score to see who you’ve beaten.

Phrases include obvious #Microsoft things such as “Azure” and “Universal Windows Platform” all the way to the very unlikely “Google Maps” and “Please welcome Tim Cook”. There is of course “Hadoop” too.

You can check out the new Build Bingo game right now at Let me know what you think of the game and tell me any suggestions you have. I look forward to playing against you in 11 days.

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