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Loving the designs of the t-shirts #Microsoft handed out at #MWC15 I thought I would recreate it as a desktop wallpaper. As you can see I have created two versions, one for a PC and one for a phone. I hope you like them.

You can download both from #OneDrive -

I thought I would share with you some of the photos I took at Microsoft's #Windows10 developer sessions. There are some interesting concepts for their new apps, information about some of the new developer tools and good visualisations of how some of their new technologies work, including #ProjectSpartan.

#Microsoft surprised me with some of their announcements at #MWC15, I go into detail as to ...

Sadly I have now left the golden beaches, warmer climes and MWC of Barcelona behind and am now sitting in a cafe in a much colder London. I thought I would share with you my reflections of Microsoft's presence at #MWC15, there was more than I was expecting.

It was rather unfortunate that #Microsoft inadvertently revealed its two new Lumia devices, the #Lumia 640 and its larger sibling the Lumia...

Tomorrow is the official start of #MWC15 although both #HTC and #Samsung are holding their press events later today in Barcelona and some companies have already revealed their latest devices and news. Before everything is revealed I thought I would outline a few announcements we can expect to hear over the next few days.

#Microsoft is thought to be announcing at least 2 new Windows Phones, sadl...