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It's easy to write Pips; adding photos, subtitles and hashtags as you like. You can even add comments to Pips, favourite the best one and always read the populer Pips.


Never miss the popular Pips

Taking into account the number of views, comments and favourites of a Pip has achieved you can be see that you will never miss a popular Pip.

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#Hashtags & @Usernames

Explore topics using #hashtags and find and follow other users through @usernames, just like on Twitter.

Subtitles, Quotes and Showcases

Draw readers' attention to key pieces of text and cteate great Pips using subtitles to structure them.

  • _Subtitles: just add a _ at the start of a new line
  • "Quotes": just add some "" around a new line
  • !Showcases: just add a ! at the start of a new line

Save for later

Enjoyed a Pip or just don't have time to read it now? Then just favourite the Pip to read it later.

Coming soon!

But's that not all, there are plans for many new features; some large, some small.